Our Story

The first thing a customer notices about an explosion-proof product is the enclosure it is housed in. For years, electronic OEMs had limited options when choosing an explosion-proof instrument housing for their products. And often those options were the same old, drab, and unappealing sand-cast enclosures that added nothing to a product’s attractiveness.

ExDirect instrument housings were specifically designed for OEMs who want their products housed in a modern, sleek, and practical enclosure. ExDirect instrument housings bring new life and excitement to existing or new products that customers will notice. ExDirect also eliminated the middleman and supplies instrument housings direct from the factory reducing costs and lead times.

For more than a decade, ExDirect has supplied instrument housings to electronic OEMs in a variety of industries across the world.

Our Story

ExDirect Brand

Established in 2009, ExDirect is a Precision Digital Corporation brand and supplier of rugged explosion-proof and NEMA 4X plastic instrument housings. Our corporate office is in Hopkinton, MA USA where product design, final assembly, inspection, and quality assurance is performed to exacting standards. One of the most important aspects of manufacturing explosion-proof instrument housings is assembling and epoxying the glass window. This process is performed in a highly automated and controlled way in our facility in Hopkinton, MA USA, where quality control is also performed. Precision Digital is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Our instrument housings are approved and/or certified as compliant with UL, CSA, ATEX, IECEx and NEMA standards. Customers trust ExDirect's expertise in explosion-proof instrument housings, particularly in the design of enclosures that reliably perform in challenging environments, such as hazardous areas and exposure to severe outdoor elements.

Orders should be made out to:
Precision Digital Corporation
233 South Street
Hopkinton MA 01748